We can write for your blockchain business on demand, too.

We are happy to help with on-demand content writing about everything #Web3, #crypto, #blockchain, #tokeneconomy, #tokenization, #defi, #stablecoins, #cryptoexchanges. We are a team of two professionals working in Berlin with a proven track record in blockchain industry, and we can write quality content for your blockchain business too.


Vasily Sumanov

A proficient researcher with a proven track record focused on the intersection of blockchain and economics, with a strong academic background in tech and engineering. Well versed in classical and modern economic theories, game theory, token engineering, and mathematical modeling.

I have extensive experience in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, including mining, trading, research, analytics, and content creation.

My experience includes working with multiple blockchain startups in employee and advisor positions, writing articles for nulltx.com, forklog.com, dailyhodl.com,hackernoon.com and being approached for expert comments by major cryptocurrency media outlets such as cointelegraph.com.
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vasilysumanov/


Olya Green

An all-round content marketer with strong copywriting and design skills focused on emerging tech and finance. I’ve been involved with a number of blockchain startups over the last couple of years as a Content and PR lead.

My experience is spanning from building up content and PR strategy from scratch to writing copy and media articles on demand.

I’ve been contributing to a number of crypto outlets (Bitcoinist, FintechBusiness, BTC Manager, Coinidol covering everything blockchain and Web3.

Prior to relocating to Berlin, I was living and working as a content producer in Los Angeles, CA.
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/olga-grinina-2939a631/

✏ We help you outsource complex things in writing.

♨ We got skills and experience to do the research COMPLEX TOPICS and write compelling copy

We’ve been working in blockchain industry for a number of startups, hence we know how things work in crypto.

☯ We contribute to crypto and blockchain media outlets on a regular basis. We don’t sell paid mentions, however we will pitch your story, and chances it actually gets published are pretty high.

Our pricing is transparent

We normally charge $0.14 per word, and took care of an optimal amount of words for each type of content - a blog post (1200w) or an article (3000w). We distinguish between these two, since they proved to be the most efficient based on our experience of doing content marketing for blockchain and crypto startups.


We prefer not to disclose the names of our clients, unless they are personally choose to do so. Our Medium and Twitter can present our quality well

not sure what you need? we got you covered

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3 blogs

1 article

1 revision

no pr

twitter handle*

One posts per day with high-quality content relevant to the company’s activity.

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4 blogs

3 articles

2 revisions

no pr

twitter handle*

One post per day with high-quality content relevant to the company’s activity.

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5 blogs

5 articles

unlimited revisions

PR *

We pitch to News BTC, Bitcoinist, and contribute to hackernoon.com, nulltx.com and other blockchain and tech-focused outlets.

twitter handle*

Two posts per day with high-quality content relevant to the company’s activity.

*we take 5 clients per month max, first come first served