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Scroll down to see what’s up, if you call yourself an artful ENTREPRENEUR hungry for curated content not afraid to speak up and cause inconvenience.

because is inconvenience in its purest form

Apply to Technomads and start contributing your work.

Apply to Technomads and start contributing your work.

We want you on board. This is the call for all of you amazing writers, designers, djs and artists.

This is how it works: you contribute, we curate. First manually off-chain by hands of our community, and then — once WTF token (yes, you heard us right those three letters) is launched — we migrate to on-chain curation. And maybe even introduce a TCR, ha.

If you’re down to give it a try and join our awesome squad of writers, researchers, founders and movers & shakers apply right here. We want everyone’s voice to be heard.

Meanwhile, watch this space for our trials and tribulations when trying to build a content platform with decentralized governance.


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